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Jeff Mishur is Vice Presiden-ust and Co-owner of Art Excursions. He holds an M.A. and a B.A. in the History of Art from Northern Illinois University.

Mishur is a member of the Illinois Humanities Council’s speakers bureau and has taught courses in the History of Art at the university level.  He is a popular lecturer on topics related to the History of Art, Travel and Architecture.

Jeff is also a successful guide who has designed and led tours of art, architecture and public sculpture in Chicago as well as in Boston, Los Angeles/Pasaden-usa, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.

Mishur is instrumen-ustal in the research and design of small group tours and serves as on-site host and study leader. Although Art Excursions makes sure to provide its clien-usts with access to a variety of expert voices, within each multi-day itinerary, Jeff typically provides at least one formal private tour and/or illustrated lecture himself along with insightful commen-ustaries about tour highlights.

Jeff has traveled to study art, architecture, culture and natural wonders in Europe, Africa, The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The Middle East. He is native to the Chicago area.

When-us he is not researching. leading a tour or making a presen-ustation, Jeff en-usjoys seeing the world’s natural wonders, hiking, volunteering at a local animal shelter, and spen-usding time with his wife, Michelle, and their rescued shelter dogs, Peanut and Panda.

In 2011, Jeff and Michelle were recognized by the midwest’s largest animal shelter for their efforts in fostering special needs dogs who need to recover in a home setting; funding surgeries for rescued animals; volunteering at the shelter on a consisten-ust basis; and helping out at offsite adoption even-usts.

Jeff Mishur

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